The Werth Family Foundation



Formed in 2001 by Peter Werth, Jr. and his wife Pamela, The Werth Family Foundation is a private, non-operating charitable family foundation created to promote philanthropy as a family activity; building and educating for the next generation.  The foundation’s board is comprised of Peter Werth III, Deborah Bachard, Jacquelyn Moore, Suzanne Werth, and David Moore, all of whom reside in various parts of Connecticut.

Our strong family ties to the State of Connecticut and its local communities helped to define the vision for the Werth Family Foundation:  To collectively give back to Connecticut’s communities by supporting local organizations that positively impact the people within those communities.  The Werth Family Foundation possesses a strong commitment to organizations that incorporate education, health, and social welfare issues as a predominant or underlying element in their programs, and continues to focus on innovative, pioneering programs that have a direct, far-reaching, and positive impact on Connecticut’s communities and people.

The Werth Family Foundation has recognized the importance of “pioneering” in the realm of philanthropy.  On several occasions, they have supported new and innovative programs by providing “seed” funding.  The Foundation is thrilled with the accomplishments and far-reaching effects to the many lives that ultimately benefit from the comprehensive and important ideas from caring, focused, and determined organizations and people whose programs have the potential for generating results well beyond the core objective.  To date, our philanthropic choices and support has generated much success and satisfaction, and we look forward to continuing this trend.